Annie the Nanny

'To dance and prance with a grin that's a win, to enjoy the tastes of what's on their plates, to giggle at the moment of a tickle or two, with restful eyes to dream of rainbow skies, enjoy the moments that touch your heart and memories that last.'

Qualified and experienced not just on paper but also with creating a warm, nurturing, happy and safe environment for any child. Every child deserves the best start in life with my helping hand along the way!
With my many varied experiences over the past 10+ years, I am delighted to offer my best as a reliable, honest, gentle natured, organised and respectful carer.


I wish to encourage the creative imagination, to exercise in movements indoors and outdoors, being inventive with foods and drinks, etc. Also to encourage rest, quiet times and routines. Positive praise from the smallest things to the bigger milestones. Take say goodbye at the end of the day and leave us with fullfilment of the day that has been. Lastly to make sure that each child can be happy with a smile!


Certifications and references available.