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We are also matching families and casual babysitter for a night, a day or a week!

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Our Process

Enchanted Nanny Agency uses the following process to ensure we are matching families with reliable, honest and nurturing caregivers.

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We get to know you and your needs

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We look for the best fit for your family

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We proceed with interviews

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You select your ideal nanny

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We support you through the journey

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Finding a trusted and loving nanny has never been that simple

Helene and Tiphanie created Enchanted Nanny Agency to help families and nannies find each other.

At Enchanted Nanny Agency we have 12 years of childcare experience. We only employ qualified, experienced nannies so you know your children are in expert hands. We can relate to the nannies and the au pairs as we know what it is like to work in the childcare industry and we also feel really close to the families as we understand their needs and what they are looking for in a nanny.

Enchanted Nanny Agency is offering a variety of nanny services in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. Contact us today for a free quote!

Why Choose Enchanted Nanny Agency?

We are helping families to find reliable employees

At Enchanted Nanny Agency, we know that time may be your most valuable asset! That’s why our team spends days reviewing resumes, interviewing top candidates, and contacting the candidate's references.  Your only job in the process is to choose the right nanny at the end of our screening.

Whether you prefer to text or e-mail, schedule interviews early in the morning or late at night or need some last minute help, we will be there. We will always be here to find the best honest, reliable and qualified nanny for your family. No request is impossible. Go ahead and try us.

We are helping caregivers to find their ideal families

We care about our nannies and are truly passionate about finding our nannies, au pairs and house managers amazing jobs. As former nannies ourselves we get it, because we’ve been there. We know how important it is to find the perfect family.

We want nannies, au pairs and house managers to feel valued, appreciated, and ultimately with a family they love. Not only do you have to have the right schedule and compensation, we want you to love where you work!

Our Blog

Follow our tips and tricks to be a great host family, and a great nanny.