Hiring a nanny

What should I expect from a nanny?

Whether you are looking for a professional nanny, a mature nanny or a younger nanny to help out after school, Enchanted Nanny Agency will find the special nanny for your family!

A nanny provides complete care for the children in the family's home and performs all tasks that correlate to the care of the children. A nanny creates a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment in which the children can thrive and develop. With a nanny, your children can spend the day in a familiar environment. A nanny is offering you flexibility and can help you with some tasks around the home.

Children love having a nanny around while creating a strong bond with their caregiver. You can come back home without stress knowing that your kids will be fed, bathed and clothed.

Our enchanted nannies provide much more than general supervision. They work alongside parents, as a team, to ensure that the children are happy, healthy, and thriving. The responsibilities of a full-time nanny vary depending on the household, but often include full care of the children, organizing fun and educational activities and outings, and driving the children to and from school.

Why choose Enchanted Nanny Agency to hire your next nanny?

Once we are aware of your requirements, we start the searches by alerting our nanny database and through job advertising campaigns. We then go through a screening process and interview the potential nannies. Once we have made our selection, we send you their profiles so you can organize interviews in your home.

Enchanted Nanny Agency provides all our families with on-going support and advice! We stay by your side through the all journey.

Your obligations as a employer

As an employer, you will be responsible for payment directly to the nanny and are responsible for their tax, super and insurance.

We highly recommend a contract agreement which highlights both parties’ expectations of the following:

  • weekly or hourly pay rate, car allowance if applicable,
  • tax, superannuation and work cover insurance,
  • days, hours of work – start and finish times,
  • specific duties and any additional duties,
  • overtime rates for working outside set time,
  • annual recreation leave, sick leave, special leave, pay on public holidays etc.
  • conditions of salary review,
  • conditions of termination.

Once you register we will guide you through the recruitment process, select a shortlist of nannies and help you ensure you select the best Enchanted nanny for your family.

Enchanted Nanny Agency is acting as an Introduction Agency between families and nannies. We are not employing the nannies, you, as a family, are the employer.

We care for your families and the security of your children. We only hire the top candidates who apply through our screening process.

What makes our Enchanted Nannies so special?

icon experienced


We represent professional nannies who are experienced, trained, reliable, and proactive.

icon references


We are experts at digging into a candidate's background and thoroughly analyzing their work history and references.

icon passion


For our nannies, childcare isn’t just a job, it’s a labor of love. Our nannies are working with passion and we love them for taking care of your little ones.

icon character


Nannies are more than just caregivers - they are mentors and role models, and a direct reflection of your family’s values.

I want to hire a nanny!