The holidays are just around the corner, here’s some ideas for children’s excitement to keep them busy all summer! 3 FREE AND FUNS School Holiday Activities :   South bank parkland is always a good idea, the amenities are amazing for the children : pool, water games, playground, giant slides, restaurants, etc. Careful it is

Tips for Finding the Right Nanny

Tips for Finding the Right Nanny

Looking for a nanny can be stressful for a family. How do you find the right one? How do you even begin to look for one? Enchanted Nanny Agency is here to help you in this process. If you’re thinking about a nanny or seem overwhelmed with how to start the process, we’ve got you

writing a nanny contract

By hiring a nanny or a house manager, you will become an employer. And as an employer, writing a nanny contract is a very important step of the hiring process. A contract is essential to set up rules from the very beginning and to avoid misunderstanding. Nannies or House Manager can either be engaged as

our screening process

What age is most conducive to learn a second language ? Babies are naturally gifted for languages ​​given their alert senses: very open ear developed, talent for imitation, desire for communication. The more languages ​​they hear different, the more their linguistic talents will develop. Babies are able to distinguish the sounds of all languages. It